Ba Na hills Da Nang – Viet Nam, where do you go ?

When you travel to Da Nang city, don’t forget go to Ba Na hills Da Nang – Road to heaven.

ba na hills da nang

Located 30 km southwest of Da Nang city, Ba Na Hills – “The Pearl” of Da Nang attracts a large number of tourists because of its cool year-round climate, lyrical and poetic scenery, many records of the world.

Visiting Ba Na Hills Da Nang, Top 11 tourist destinations below !

Linh Ung Pagoda

linh ung ba na hills

Linh Ung Pagoda Ba Na is one of the three famous Linh Ung pagodas in Danang city, also known as “Linh Ung spiritual triangle” (along with Linh Ung Pagoda, Ngu Hanh Son Pagoda, Linh Ung Son Tra Pagoda).

Located in a beautiful terrain at an altitude of nearly 1500m above sea level, in front of the temple there is a special three-leaf pine tree, the temple is the destination of many Buddhists and those who want to find a safe place. retreats. Linh Ung Pagoda has a 27m high statue of Buddha Shakyamuni meditating on a delicate lotus throne.

Fantasy Park

Fantasy park da nang

With a total area of up to 21,000 m2 and international standards, Fantasy attracts tourists by thrilling games such as adventure climbing, sliding towers, century rotation, king of car crash, haunted house … are exempted.

Fee free (Included in ticket price). If you want to have fun, this is an attractive Ba Na Hill tourist destination, follow a group of friends to play adventure games. Or if you want to play games on your computer, only need 2 slots (4,000 VND / game), you can unleash entertainment !

Wax museum

wax ba na
The Wax Museum is the largest wax sculpture exhibition in Vietnam with wax figures simulating famous figures in the world in different fields such as cinema, music, sports politics, etc. the craftsmanship of Italian artisans will make you feel like seeing real life models.

Coming to Ba Na Hill, do not forget to visit the Wax Museum.

French village

french villages
Dubbed “Europe on the top of Ba Na”, coming to the French village, you will be amazed at the architecture of European-style 19th century architecture such as ancient buildings, magnificent castles, close fences Gothic style, tiled roads, etc. were designed by famous French architect.

Stepping into the village, visitors seem to be lost in a real France. This is the Ba Na tourist destination ideal wedding photography for couples.

Golden bridge

bridge gate ba na hills

The Cau Vang, or “Golden Bridge,” soars 3,280 ft. above sea level in the Ba Na Hills, where it connects a cable-car station to popular nearby gardens. The structure itself is made of timber with stainless-steel railings treated to appear gold; TA Landscape Architecture, the Ho Chi Minh City–based firm that led the bridge’s design, has likened it to the “giant hands of Gods” cradling a golden thread.

Le Jardin D’Amour Flower Garden

flower garden ba na hills

This Garden consists of 9 gardens associated with 9 interesting stories and unique architectural styles and is one of the attractive tourist attractions in Ba Na. It is the Dream Spring Garden with dreamy purple Arapang flowers and the warm yellow of Kim Cham.

It is a Garden of Eden, a cross between Heaven and Earth. It is the Secret Garden that has the tallest tree wall in the world. It is a delicate Uyen garden, a Western garden of deep thoughts, a garden of mythology associated with the Greek god, a memory garden, a sacred garden witnessing to love and the vineyard.

Old wine depay

wine depay ba na

Debay wine cellar is a unique work built by the French in 1923, with the purpose of storing wines, especially wines. French wine cellar is 100m long, always kept at 16-20 degrees Celsius and built with monolithic rock deep inside the cave.

This is an interesting place and do not forget to try the fine wine in ancient Debay cellar!

Temple of Linh Chua Linh Tu

Temple is a place of worship, remembering the merit of God Thuong Ngan who protected Ba Na Hill.

Tourists come to the temple – the place where heaven and earth meet, where Yin and Yang meet – to find peace among the chaos of life.

Mieu Ba Temple

Mieu Ba Temple was founded in 1931 and underwent war. At present, Mieu Ba is being restored and upgraded to become a place for pilgrims to stop and pray for good things.

Linh Phong Stu pa

Linh Phong ba na hills da nang
Linh Phong Stu pa have nine floors, each floor has four sides mounted Sakyamuni Buddha image of white stone facing the four directions of East-West and South-East.

Each corner of the tower floor is hung a copper bell symbolizing the sacred echoes of the Tower.

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