Da Lat market, where and what to buy ?

One of many attractions must mention the Da Lat market with a variety of items, serving all the needs of tourists.

Da Lat market

da lat market

Where ?

Place on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street, there is Da Lat market, a commercial center of the city.

The market is considered to be the “heart of Da Lat city” when all trading activities take place here.

This market was designed by architect Nguyen Duy Duc and Vietnamese engineers, contractor Nguyen Linh Chieu was in charge of the construction – started from 1958 to 1960.

When architect Ngo Viet Thu returned from France, he was invited to embellish the new market and designed a staircase connecting the second floor of the market to the Hoa Binh area, as well as the system of roads and town houses surrounding the market.

What to buy ?

Da Lat foody

The dining area is an area that always attracts a large number of visitors to enjoy, the market is arranged in a harmonious arrangement of restaurants to go around the dining area, the visitors will not be able to refuse the simple food. heterogeneous, attractive specialties 3 North – Central – South are fully converged at affordable prices.

The stalls are clean and eye-catching to ensure food hygiene. The plus point when coming to this tourist destination in Da Lat is that diners will enjoy delicious Da Lat dishes without being cut, the prices here are very stable at any time of the year.

Even when Da Lat Flower Festival takes place every year attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors, the price of fish does not fluctuate much.

Da Lat flower

da lat flower

Walking around the flower market of Dalat market, visitors will be held back by the beauty of flowers, vibrant colors, the fragrance emanating from the flowers makes people want to slow down to be able to breathe the scent. course of fresh flowers.

Typically colorful roses, Chrysanthemum color of sunshine yellow, white of purity; lilies, gladiolus, white lilies, iris, violet looking for purple, hydrangeas, carnations … The stall owners enthusiastically consulted about which flowers will be suitable for the climate?

How to preserve and transport during the trip? many tourists could not resist the attraction and raised their hands to take photos to save the beautiful moments; sometimes the friendly stall owner will be a flash for visitors to take photos.

Da Lat vegetables

Da Lat Market is quite diverse and rich with a variety of goods including: Da Lat vegetables (cabbage, cauliflower, artichoke cotton, umbrella, spinach, …); Da Lat flowers (pink, chrysanthemum, auspicious, lily, lay on, white lily, …).

Da Lat specialties (strawberries, persimmons, butter, strawberry jam, strawberry juice, sweet potato, dried persimmons, wine, wine and some other jam); food stalls full of dishes from three North – Central – South of Viet Nam.

Garment stalls, especially wool goods (sweaters, hats, wool scarves, etc., from textiles to hand-knit goods are available); souvenir stalls, etc.

Da Lat specialties

foody da lat

Visitors can freely choose attractive and meaningful gifts for relatives and friends. The most special special items that are often paid attention to and bought by tourists are: fresh red strawberries, crispy pink persimmons, ripe juicy butter, dried persimmons, strawberry juice, strawberry jam, flexible sweet potatoes, wine, wine … with a constant smile on the lips, warmness to customers, a gentle and easy-to-listen voice make many visitors fascinated in the hobby of shopping as gifts. Certainly, Da Lat market is an indispensable shopping place in luggage for tourists.

Da Lat night market

That is the time we feel the quintessence of Da Lat cuisine !

da lat night market

Da Lat grilled rice paper

egg potatoes da lat

Da Lat grilled rice paper is known as “Vietnamese pizza”, this dish includes cheese, sausage, beef jerky, spring onion, mayonnaise, chutney, scallions, shrimp … The price usually ranges from 15,000 – 20,000 VND / unit.

Soy milk and bread

soy milk da lat

Along the way to Da Lat night market, visitors will come across many hot soy milk stands served with flour made cakes.

With the chilly atmosphere in Da Lat, sipping a cup of hot milk, it’s great nothing more.

Da Lat foody BBQ

bbq da lat

Grilled sweet potatoes, grilled corn, grilled chicken eggs: On chilly days in Da Lat, enjoying sweet potatoes, grilled corn or grilled chicken eggs will be extremely great. At the top of the Da Lat night market, visitors will encounter baked goods on the fire of aromatic red fire.

Wishing you have a fun trip to Da Lat.


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