Hoi An weather, best time to travel to Hoi An ?

Hoi An is one of the best travel destinations now, you will have many wonderful experiences in this land. However, Hoi An weather should you go to Hoi An to see the full beauty of this place ? Find the answer in the following article.

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Hoi An ancient town

Here is hailed as one of the most beautiful small cities in the world with its classic wild beauty and romance. Besides, the peaceful and slow pace of life different from the hustle of modern urban areas are also interesting things that make Hoi An make a strong impression in the hearts of tourists. Hoi An is beautiful in every moment, in every season, so visitors can set foot and experience the ancient city at any time.

Hoi An weather

hoi an weather

Hoi An is a small city in Quang Nam, a central province of Vietnam, with all the typical characteristics of a tropical climate with four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. However, due to the topographical characteristics and geographical location in the climate transition zone between the North and the South, Hoi An has quite interesting changes in climate with the dominance of the southern heat.

Therefore, despite being a central city, in Hoi An there are rainy and dry seasons. This is a seasonal Hoi An travel experience that few tourists know about.

In general, the weather and climate in Hoi An is quite peaceful and pleasant with the average Hoi An temperature is not too hot. At the peak of summer, the temperature at 28-33 ° C is not too high, while winter temperatures are also quite ideal with a temperature of 18-23 ° C.

That is the charm of mossy old town, quiet. Hoi An inherently leaves, time passes through here, then stops, so that the nostalgic beauty remains intact in the peaceful old town by the Hoai River. The long and rainy day made the hearts of people equally gloomy, the hot and sunny summer day made people angry, even Hoi An found this place strangely lovely.

Dry season

sunny hoi an

Starting from January to July is the dry season in this beautiful old city. According to the Hoi An travel experience of tourism people, this is the ideal time to come and experience with Hoi An. With an ideal background Hoi An temperature not exceeding 33 ° C in the peak sunshine period, and below 18 ° C in the cold period is extremely convenient for tours of other tourism. However, February and April are considered the best time with pleasant weather, cold weather and little rain.

The chilly winter winds with temperatures not too low on the occasion of January to March, April will make tourists feel more interesting about the winter feeling in the land of Hoi. In particular, this is also the time coinciding with the time of the city’s traditional New Year, visitors will discover more new and interesting experiences about the cultural space of Hoi An Tet.

hoi an best time

Therefore, if you are looking for experience in Hoi An tourism on Tet holiday, do not worry, this is definitely a great time, the most convenient for your trip to this land.

Rainy season

rainy season hoi an

Starting from August and lasting until December of the year is the rainy season in Hoi An. Many people think that the rainy season is a “taboo” season to travel, but perhaps for Hoi An this is the exception. Like the poetic Da Lat in the rainy season, the old town in the rainy season is also impressive with the romantic beauty and strangely peaceful. Take the umbrella (umbrella) walking in the chilly rain, or sit in some classic coffee shop in the city to sip a hot cup of tea, listen to the melodious melody of a light music … watch the rain covering the old town and the street life on rainy days, it will surely be the most wonderful experience that visitors can hardly find in any other city.

After the rain, the city was bathed with a strange clarity and tranquility. The raindrops remain on the branches and leaves, on the dripping roofs, making the heart feel strangely light and calm. As for the rainy night of Ho Chi Minh City, let’s experience the impression with the beautiful river of lights, dimly lit, fluttering in the thin rain. A romantic and beautiful scene that visitors can only touch and feel at the main town of Hoi An only. Therefore, the rainy season is always considered to be an ideal time in Hoi An’s tourist experience for the season of the cross.

rainy hoian

Hoi An – beautiful old city, romantic city and slow city. When coming to Hoi An and experiencing it, visitors will never forget the feeling of lightheartedness, lightness and purity in the feeling of this ancient urban land. Not only to admire the beautiful landscapes, to enjoy the typical cuisine, with Hoi An, other travelers are also immersed in the slow and peaceful life here, to forget all the fatigue and stress living.

In summary

With the Vietnambeauty blog, the best trip to Hoi An is from February to April every year. This is the beginning of summer. The weather is not rainy, nor too hot. The sun is bright, bright and fresh, indeed the weather is favorable for those who want to visit the old town.

best time to travel to hoi an

The favorable weather also makes the people feel relaxed, Hoi An becomes attractive with beautiful scenery and rich cuisine.


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