Train street Hanoi has closed, only memories here

Unfortunately, in the early days of October, the famous Train street Hanoi had to close with visitors to ensure traffic safety here.

Train street Hanoi memories

train street hanoi

Tourists come to train street Hanoi cafe to experience the thrill and to save the moment the train passed by them. But, it is also a place where death is only an inch away.
In the neighborhood Kham Thien, Le Duan and Phung Hung (Hanoi), places with railways running suddenly attract a lot of foreign visitors to visit. Ms. Huong (Kham Thien – Dong Da street, Hanoi) said that on a normal day, there are more than 100 foreign visitors coming to the neighborhood to take photos. In the section of Phung Hung street near Hanoi railway station, the number of tourists visiting the railway line is up to several hundred times.

train rail live

People built the North-South railway from the French colonial period. Unknowingly, people working in the railway industry began to build houses in the corridor area. Each house turned into a small village, from Long Bien station to the end of Le Duan street. For over 30 years, many generations have lived in this place. There are children born and raised attached to the tracks and trains.

train street coffee

Foreign tourists crowded the city cafes. They leisurely sipped their coffee, ordered a few beers and looked out as if they were waiting for something. Dung, the owner of a coffee shop, informed them that they came here because of the train. The reason why foreigners know this place is unknown.

The “sexy” curve of the railway crossing here attracts many international visitors. From the day he was published in a foreign newspaper as a must-visit place every time he came to Hanoi, the bustling streets of the streets.

rail way hanoi

But its quiet space has not been broken. Tourists everywhere to visit, are “cherishing” the village as the people here preserve it every day.

Foreign tourists often start to enter the ultra-narrow railway section at the intersection of Dien Bien Phu street or the intersection of Phung Hung street, and end the journey at Phung Hung street section after having a special experience. Now there is no need to go far, visiting the tourist railways, tourists have had “virtual life” photos as taken in Taiwan.

Other railway in Hanoi

Long Bien bridge

hanoi train street

The train line running through the 100-year-old Long Bien bridge is also a famous check-in place for travelers. With the design of French engineers, here shows the nostalgic beauty of an ancient Hanoi.

long bien bridge rail

In particular, sunrise and sunset are two ideal times to see the beautiful natural scenery from the bridge, Chuong Duong bridge and the whole Hanoi capital. Besides, visitors also witnessed firsthand the rusty steel frames and parts of the US army bombed the bridge during the war to save the country.

Gia Lam train station

Gia lam station

Gia Lam Station is a major railway station in Hanoi, with many trains to the northern provinces such as Lang Son, Sapa – Lao Cai, Thai Nguyen and Haiphong …

There are many trains waiting at the station, combined with endless train tracks creating a romantic setting. On weekends, many couples come here to take wedding photos and tourists come to check in on this old rail beauty.



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